how you can help

Perigives has created foldable posters with pockets, that enable people to give and receive menstruation products without barriers. These posters are distributed in female public restrooms and are accessible online to anyone who wants to help.

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1. What you need

• letter or tabloid card stock (over 100 lb)
• scissors
• double-sided tape

click buttons below to download and print the poster (letter/tabloid)

Artboard 5 copy@2x-8.png

2. Cut & Fold

to make a pocket, cut and fold according to the guidelines

Artboard 5 copy 2-100.jpg

3. Stick double sided tape & assemble

Stick double sided tape on the red rectangles and assemble the box according to the folds

 put up the posters on the walls of female public restrooms and wait for the results!

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