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Our Story

How did it start?

One day a friend learned that many homeless women often have to choose between a meal or menstrual products. She told us that she wanted to help these women by personally finding women in need and distributing the products to them.

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To which we thought

“there must be a more efficient, accessible and RESPECTFUL way to distribute Menstrual products to the homeless.”

On our journey to solving the problem

Through this initial idea, we started to research the issue ourselves. We found out that there are limited supplies of menstruation products in homeless shelters and due to this, they are given one menstrual product per cycle if any.

Upon reading comments on the internet, we found out that some people leave behind products in female public restrooms for this exact purpose.

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We started to ask people if they were aware of this issue. Most people responded that they never thought about this, and that they would love to help. As three designers, we took matters into our own hands and designed a poster that people can easily print, build and put up on any public restrooms.

Perigives provides a platform for people to easily give and receive menstrual product whilst spreading awareness. 

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Meet the creators


Erin Song

co-founder • visual Designer

Erin is a visual designer who loves to find solutions to problems in our day to day life. she believes that design is a visual superpower. by solving problems beautifully it helps people understand the problem easier, making everyone's life a little more smooth.


Jae Who

co-Founder • art director

Jae is an Art Director with a passion for solving simple human needs through intuitive and conceptual design. Everything she makes has a reason. She believes if the idea is conceptually strong enough the design should be simple and speak for itself.


Yitong (Cindy) Shen

co-Founder • visual Designer

Yitong, a.k.a Cindy, is a New York based art director with expertise in social campaigns and digital innovation.